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The Academy Awards just took place, and while there may have been some clashes there, the Academy Awards for Games at Grand Rush Casino went down much more peacefully. See which games and characters won in the various categories such as Best Visual Effects, Best Game, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor amongst others. The Jeep Wrangler car giveaway promotion is still underway. Earn your tickets now for the chance to win this great car with the final prize draw taking place in April.

Jeep Wrangler Car Promotion

Join in the fun and earn your tickets to the Jeep Wrangler car giveaway at Grand Rush Casino. Since you can earn tickets by making deposits at the casino, you can choose which games or which promotions you prefer to play with your deposits. At the same time, each $70 in a single deposit or $70 from cumulative deposits gives you a Golden Ticket for the car giveaway.

Please note that it is important to deposit throughout the promotion since there are two weekly winners. Not only do the weekly winners get $1,000 in a cash prize draw, they are the only players that go through to the final draw. This means that in order to be entered in the final draw, you need to have won one of the interim draws on Tuesdays or Saturdays at the casino. There will be 21 players who go through to the final draw which takes place in April.

Academy Award Winners at Grand Rush Casino

While the Academy Awards took place this year, Grand Rush Casino decided to hold its own 2022 Academy Awards for Games. Players sent in their votes for various categories and the best slots won.

The following is a list of Grand Rush Casino’s Academy Awards for Games 2022 winners:

  • Best Hair and Makeup went to Alpha Squad Slot. The other nominees for this category were Double Trouble Slot, Siren’s Serenade Slot, and Upper Crust Abbey Slot.
  • Best Visual Effects went to Tales of Time Travel Slot. Other nominees in this category were the Midnight Racer Slot, Big Froot Slot, and Mrs Green’s Plant Emporium Slot.
  • Best Foreign Language went to Sands of Space Slot. Along with this winner, the nominees were Rising Sun Slot, Beijing Nights Slot, and Tanzakura Slot.
  • Best Animated Feature went to Vikingdom Slot. Nominees in this category included Stones and Bones Slot, Spartians Slot and the Roaring 20s Slot.
  • Best Live Action award went to Win Another Day. The other nominees in this category were Alpha Squad Double Cross Slot, Buckin’ Broncos Slot, and Destiny Wild Slot.
  • Best Male Character was Hercules from the Hercules, The 12 Labours Slot game. Other nominees included Knight in the Throne of Gold Slot, King Xerxes in the Rise of Spartans Slot, and Ben in The Prize is Right Slot.
  • Best Supporting Male Character went to Evil Newton in the Double Trouble Slot. Other fun nominees were the Genie in Aladdin’s Loot, Thadsidius Darkman in the Alpha Squad Slot, and Butler Wadsworth in the Upper Crust Abbey Slot.
  • Best Female Character went to Destiny in the Destiny Wild Slot. Other Best Female Character nominees were Cleopatra in The Last Pharaoh Slot, Mrs Green in Mrs Green’s Plant Emporium Slot, and Siren Raven in the Siren’s Serenade Slot.
  • The Best Supporting Female Character went to JoJo Rabbi, the singer in the Bucksy Malone Slot. Other nominees in this category were Ruthie in Reelin n Rockin Slot, Valkyrie in Vikingdom Slot, and Lady Upper Crust in the Upper Crust Abbey Slot.
  • The Best Game winner, the ultimate of wins, went to Destiny Wild. Other nominees in the Best Game category went to Big Game, 7 Chakras, Win Another Day, and The Last Pharaoh.

You can check out all these great games at Grand Rush Casino.

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